5 Reasons Why is Your Linksys Router Not Blocking Websites

5 Reasons Why is Your Linksys Router Not Blocking Websites

In this ever-growing digital world, everyone can be seen using networking gadgets. Especially, when it comes to kids, they are quite curious about learning new things. That is why parents are often concerned about their kids’ mental health in case their kids accidentally stumbled upon disturbing content. Taking the same thing into consideration, they set up parental controls on their WiFi devices which serves the purpose of blocking unwanted (malicious here) sites and applications. But recently, the internet has been found flooded with a peculiar query saying “Linksys router not blocking websites”.

Do you also key in the same query into the search box of Google Chrome? If you do, then you’ve clicked the right post this time. Because this write-up is all about the reasons that might stop your Linksys wireless router from blocking websites. Additionally, you’ll also learn how to do away with the issue like a pro.

Why is Linksys Router Not Blocking Websites?

Given below is the list of the most potential causes stopping your Linksys wireless router from blocking malicious content on your devices. However, if you are a busy lad and want to get the issue resolved in an instant, the option of contacting our experts is always available. Because no matter whether you are facing a Linksys WiFi extender setup problem or an issue similar to the one you’re struggling with, a helping hand is what they have to offer.

  • 1) The very first reason why your Linksys router is not blocking websites is that the Parental Controls feature is not activated. Perhaps, you weren’t aware of the correct steps. Chances are also that you forget to apply the changes after inputting the domain names of the restricted sites.
  • 2) Your Linksys wireless router won’t be able to block the desired (restricted) content if there is a time zone variation. By that, we are referring to the difference in time zones of your Linksys wireless router and the device subjected to parental controls.
  • 3) Are you sure that the device on which you are facing the Linksys router not blocking websites issue is accessing the router’s network? Check it out. If you are accessing some other network other than yours, then you’ve just spotted another cause behind the issue.
  • 4) “Firmware” is not just a term. It houses everything your Linksys wireless router needs to function. The reason being, the instructions controlling the hardware of the router are programmed in the firmware.
  • 5) Last but not least, the issue you are currently facing might also emerge if there’s one problem with the configuration of your WiFi router. Possibly, you messed it up during the setup process of the router which is now making you pay a price.

How to Fix – Linksys Router Not Blocking Websites

The previous section provided you with enough information regarding the Linksys router problem troubling you. But, you’re only halfway there. To resolve the issue, you are supposed to implement the troubleshooting hacks mentioned below:

  • 1) First of all, log in to your wireless router and check if you’ve enabled the Parental Controls feature or not. If not, then pick up the user manual and enable the same with the help of the instructions mentioned there. And yes, do not forget to save the amendments you’ve done.
  • 2) Access the Linksys router’s web-based management utility and see if its time zone is different from that of the device on which the router is not blocking websites. If it is, then make them the same and see if you get success this time.
  • 3) The Linksys router not blocking websites issue can also be kicked off by ensuring that the device subjected to parental controls is accessing the network of your WiFi router. You can’t expect the router to block a website if it is accessing some anonymous network.
  • 4) Updating the firmware is another step that you can take to fix the issue in discussion. For that, you can either access the web-based management utility or take the help of the Linksys mobile application.
  • 5) If everything seems useless and you’re finding yourself nowhere, then you should proceed with nothing other than doing Linksys router setup again. This way you will get a chance to reconfigure your router’s settings and block websites again.

All Things Considered

Be it the disability of the Parental Controls feature or the difference in time zones of your devices, a lot of reasons work together to cause the issue that we discussed here. We are expecting that after knowing the reason and implementing the correct troubleshooting technique, the Linksys router not blocking websites issue will become a folktale. However, if things are still not in your favor, then remember what we said before listing the reasons behind the problem. Our experts are always here to help you!

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