Fixes to Troubleshoot Linksys Router IP Not Working Issue

How to Boost WiFi Signal of Linksys Routers?

Linksys is the choicest option for users who want to kill boredom by streaming videos and playing online games. But, too much usage of WiFi can result in low connectivity issues. In the last few months, it has been found that many users experience issues with their Linksys routers. If you are also facing slow internet issues, then in this post, we are going to shed light on some proven tips on how to boost WiFi signal of Linksys routers. Prior to that, however, let’s first start with the basics of WiFi.

WiFi – What do mean by this term?

WiFi stands for wireless networking technology that gives you internet access on various devices like smartphones, computers, tablets, and many other WiFi-enabled devices. Moving on, let’s make you learn how to boost WiFi signals of a Linksys router.

Steps to Boost WiFi Signals of Linksys Routers

1. Place the Router in the Center of your Home

If you have placed your Linksys router in a corner, then its signals will not spread to all areas of your home in an equal manner, which results in slow internet issue. Thus, we suggest you place your router in the central area of your home. Doing so will certainly help you boost WiFi signal of your Linksys router.

2. Protect your WiFi with Strong Password

Linksys routers can be configured using default credentials. If you have not yet changed the password of your after setting it up, then people living nearby can use your network and slow it down. Therefore, it is suggested that you never keep your router unprotected. Instead, set a strong and hard-to-crack password for your Linksys router to make it protected. While setting the password for your router, make sure you add special characters, digits, and numbers to it.

3. Create Separate Network for Guests

If you are favorite among your relatives and people often visit your home then it is better to set up a guest network on your router. This way you can avoid sharing the primary credentials of your WiFi with every other person visiting your home. For creating a Guest Network Account on your router, simply access the dashboard of your device.

4. Keep WiFi Interference Away

If even after following the steps given above, you are struggling with slow WiFi issues, then chances are that your router is getting interference from nearby appliances. In that case, you need to place your router away from things like Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, baby monitors, cellular phones, etc.

5. Select the Right WiFi Channel

Linksys router signals can be enhanced by changing the WiFi channel of your device. FYI, the routers configured in your neighborhood may also cause the slow internet issue for you. WiFi routers work on various channels, and selecting the right channel can save you from the problem of slow internet issue and ensure you get faster internet.

6. Update Firmware of your Linksys

This is a great fix when it comes to boosting WiFi signal of a Linksys router. If a new firmware version is available for your router, consider updating it right away. The firmware update will not only bring security improvements to your device but enhance its overall performance, for your perusal.

7. Get a Linksys Extender

Are you still facing the same slow WiFi issues? Well, it seems your router is not able to give you lag-free WiFi coverage in your home due to its large area. To get the issue fixed, we suggest you invest in a Linksys extender. However, to make the most of your extender, you first need to configure it by accessing the web address.

The Concluding Thought

WiFi signals can drop out for no obvious reasons. But, following the fixes given in the article, you will surely be able to boost WiFi signal of your Linksys router. Just in case still things are not going in your favor, feel free to contact our technical experts for personalized help.

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