Slow Internet? Here's How to Fix Linksys Router Slow WiFi Issue

Slow Internet? Here's How to Fix Linksys Router Slow WiFi Issue

Are you struggling with the slow internet issue? Is your Linksys router not giving the desired results? Well, Linksys router slow WiFi issue can occur due to various reasons. This write-up will give you a nudge on how to fix it in a matter of minutes.

Resolving Linksys Router Slow WiFi Issue

If your downloads are taking forever to complete and you can't stream your favorites without any lag, then your Linksys router is probably the reason. Although various factors can be there why you are facing slow internet issue, yet implementation of a few tips can help you speed up your internet. Before you give up fixing the Linksys router slow WiFi issue, try the below-mentioned tips and tricks to boost your WiFi and enjoy faster internet speeds.

Update Your Linksys Security

Have you not yet personalized your Linksys password? Well, failure to adding security to your Linksys WiFi network means opening up the door of your network to WiFi leechers. And the addition of extra users on your WiFi can create slow internet issue as all the connected devices will be eating up the internet bandwidth. This is why it is recommended that you change the Linksys router default password right away. Doing so will not only boost the performance of your WiFi but also add an extra layer of security to your device.

Change WiFi Channel

Another reason why you can experience Linksys router slow WiFi issue is due to the use of an overcrowded WiFi channel. Hence, try switching your Linksys router from a standard 2.4Ghz WiFi band to 5GHz. This will help you boost your internet speed. Just in case your Linksys WiFi router is not supporting the 5GHz band, you are suggested to switch between the channels of 2.4GHz band. For instance, you can choose the channel between 1, 6, or 11.

Relocate Your Router

Sounds simple? Well, at times, relocating your router can also fix the Linksys router slow WiFi issue. You are suggested to locate your WiFi router in an open area. Also, consider placing it somewhere in the center of your home. While you relocate your Linksys router, make sure not to place it closer to the devices/appliances emitting radio waves.

Buy Linksys Extender

If the land area of your home is large and your router is not that efficient to cover all the areas of your home, you should invest in a Linksys WiFi extender setup. This will not only boost the performance of your existing router but also help in turning dead zones of your home into fun zones. To make it work, however, you first need to configure the device via Linksys extender setup xxx.

Update Firmware

Last but not least, to rid yourself of the Linksys router slow WiFi issue, consider updating the firmware of your device to the latest version. Not only of the router but you can also update the firmware of your extender (if connected) to get the most of out of your WiFi devices.


Run a Speed Test

Probably the actual culprit is your Internet Service Provider behind getting Linksys router slow WiFi issue. To figure this out, run a speed test on your device and check whether you are receiving promised WiFi coverage. If not, ask your ISP to fix it.

The Bottom Line

Our post on fixing the Linksys router slow WiFi issue ends here. Remember, if your WiFi router is working well, then only you will be able to enjoy faster internet speeds. Therefore, make sure you try all the tips given in the article to boost your WiFi performance. If even after trying the hacks, you are unable to make the most of your WiFi router, feel free to contact our technical experts for help.

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