Linksys Extender Not Working

Solved: Linksys Extender Not Working Issue

Using Linksys extender over time can lead to plenty of issues. In some cases, it stops working. Hence, you don’t get access to the repeater WiFi network. Therefore, to enjoy a strong internet connection, you need to fix the Linksys extender not working issue. If you have been struggling with the same issue, check out the points given below.

Do not fret! Implementing the changes is going to resolve you are facing in an instant. So, read each point slowly to understand the reasoning. After that, the implementation becomes easier. Keep reading.

Fixed: Linksys Extender Not Working

Check Power Supply

Maybe the Linksys range extender is not getting a consistent power supply. If that is the case, the range extender is going to keep rebooting. Hence, it won’t sustain a consistent WiFi network. As a result, you won’t receive any WiFi signals. Hence, mending the reason is important.

So, check the wall switch and look out for any shortcomings. If it shows signs of short-circuiting, you will have to repair it. However, if repairing is not possible, use a different wall socket. Just ensure that the repeater receives a consistent power supply.

Verify Internet Connection

Before accessing http //, you need to check the internet connection. If the connections are not stable, you can’t open the web address. Faulty internet connections are one of the major reasons why you face Linksys extender not working issue.

So, mend the Ethernet cable connections. Just ensure that the repeater is connected to the host router using a perfectly fitting cable. Check out the distance between the devices if the connections are wireless.

Relocate the Extender

WiFi interference could also be a contributing factor in Linksys extender not working issue. A few good examples of WiFi interference are heavy electronic gadgets, metal and reflexive objects, fish tanks, baby monitors, and cordless phones. Placing your repeater close to any one of these can result in the issue you are facing.

Therefore, we recommend you relocate your device. Move the Linksys range extender as far from these things as possible. If needed, you should use an extension cord. Furthermore, make sure you don’t set the repeater in a corner. Also, avoid windows during repeater placement.

Faulty Hardware

Perhaps, there is an issue with the device itself. Linksys extenders are a delicate piece of technology. Therefore, even the slightest damage to the device can completely hamper its working. What if there is internal damage?

That is, the circuit board could have been damaged due to an inconsistent power supply. If that is the case, you can experience Linksys extender not working issue. Hence, get your device checked by professionals and get it repaired if there is any issue.

Reboot the Extender

We understand how important it is to have a perfectly working WiFi range extender. However, technical glitches can completely spoil the plan for you. Hence, the Linksys extender not working issue prevails. Thus, you need to get rid of the technical glitches lurking on the repeater.

How to do that? Well, the easiest method is to reboot your Linksys range extender. Doing so is going to give your range extender some rest. Remove the device from the wall socket and let it stay aside for some time. After that, you can replug it into the electronic socket. It will resolve the extender not working issue.

Go for Repeater Reset

What if nothing works out? That is, implementing all the tips could fall short. Thus, you could be facing Linksys extender not working issue even after making all the changes. What then? In that case, you have no other choice than to reset your range repeater.

Here are the steps that can help you reset your device:

  • Turn on the range extender
  • Search for the reset button
  • Press it

It will delete all the customized settings of your Linksys WiFi range extender. After that, you can start fresh from scratch. Make changes as mentioned above during configuration to let nothing hamper its working.

Wrap Up

As you can see, plenty of reasons are there behind Linksys extender not working issue. You will have to make a few tweaks to have the best results. If the issue persists, wait no longer and contact our technical experts. They will help you get rid of the issue in an instant.

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