Linksys Router Keeps Dropping Connection Issue

Tips to Resolve Linksys Router Keeps Dropping Connection Issue

Whether you are on a zoom call or in the final stage of an important thesis, a dropping WiFi connection is a massive kill. People often deal with this issue with their Linksys wireless routers on a regular basis, sometimes for months. If you too are stuck with the same issue, take a deep breath and walk through this post. Here we have discussed some of the most effective troubleshooting hacks following which resolving the Linksys router keeps dropping connection issue will be a one-minute exercise for you. Read on.

(Resolved) Linksys Router Keeps Dropping Connection

Reboot Your Linksys Router

Start troubleshooting the Linksys router keeps dropping connection issue by rebooting your Linksys wireless router. Here is how you can restart or reboot your device:

  • Disconnect your Linksys router from the existing modem.
  • Power off your router and unplug it from its power source.
  • Let your device rest for some time.
  • Thereafter, plug your router back into its power source and turn it on.
  • Do reconnect your Linksys router to the existing modem.

Once done, check if the Linksys router keeps dropping connection issue persists. If it does, go through the following troubleshooting hack.

Disconnect Extra Devices

Back in the day, the average household had a computer or three to access the WiFi. Now, with laptops, smartphones, iPads, etc, it does not take long for the WiFi connection to drop.

In simple words, if too many devices are accessing your wireless network, you can start to see drops in your WiFi connection. Thus, disconnect the devices that are not in use.

Perform Linksys Firmware Upgrade

An outdated firmware can also force your Linksys wireless router to drop connection. Therefore, waste no more time and update the firmware of your WiFi device right away.

What happened? Are you not sure about how to go about the process? Well, in that case, follow the instructions highlighted below:

  • Open an internet browser on your PC.
  • In the address bar of your browser, type the default web address.
  • Press Enter.
  • Log in to your router using the Linksys router default password and username.
  • Click Connectivity.
  • Under the Firmware Update section, select ‘Check for Updates’.
  • On the Update Firmware pop-up box, click the Yes button.
  • The firmware of your Linksys router will get updated in some time.

Note: While the firmware of your Linksys wireless router is in the process of getting updated, do not power OFF your router or close the browser. Otherwise, the firmware might get corrupted.

Relocate Your Linksys Router

If you have located your Linksys wireless router in a closet or near cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, treadmills, televisions, or any other WiFi-interference device, you need to change its location immediately.

Also, keep your router away from reflecting objects like mirrors, fish tanks, and glasses as WiFi signals tend to bounce off of them.

Give Your Router a Break

Users all across the globe are pretty punishing their devices. They keep their Linksys routers on all the time, regardless of whether they are using them or not, and expect them to function at their full potential.

But, they fail to understand that routers can run out of energy from time to time too. If you are too are making the same mistake, then rectify it by turning off your Linksys router every now and then.

Reset Your Linksys Router

If you are still not able to get rid of the Linksys router keeps dropping connection issue, it is advised that you perform factory default reset.

Here is how you can restore your device to the factory default settings:

  • Locate the Reset button on your Linksys wireless router.
  • Once located, carefully press it and wait for some time.

Now, reconfigure your Linksys wireless router using the default Linksys router password and username.

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