firmware issue on Velop device

Facing Firmware Issue on Velop? Here’s How to Fix It!

Linksys Velop users prefer updating the firmware of their devices so that they can maintain their top-notch performance. Apart from that, performing Linksys Velop firmware update ensures that the latest security features are getting to the device. However, at times, users face firmware issue on Velop. They have been filing complaints that their devices stopped working after the completion of the Linksys Velop firmware update process.

Are you also experiencing the same issue? Well, know that this issue is not worth stressing over. We are saying this because after following the troubleshooting hacks mentioned in this post, you will be able to resolve the issue at hand. Read on.

Troubleshooting Firmware Issue on Velop

1. Restart the Linksys Velop

The most obvious reason why literally anyone gets stuck with technical issues is because of technical glitches. There is a very chance that you are experiencing the firmware issue on Velop because of the same godforsaken reason.

But, relax as restarting your Linksys Velop device will help you to get rid of these technical glitches. Now, you might be wondering how to restart your networking device, isn’t it? Well, it is as simple as restarting any other technical device.

But, in case, you still need help to walk through the process, then contacting our technical experts is the right thing to do. They will definitely be able to help you to restart your device and perhaps even fix the firmware issue on Velop.

2. Check the Ethernet Connection

Let us consider that you updated the firmware of your Linksys Velop device properly, however, right after you completed the process, your internet connection dropped, due to which you got stuck with the issue at hand.

There is a possibility that the Ethernet connection became loose. It is common for that to happen if the Ethernet cable connecting your devices is old and worn out. Thus, replace the existing cable with a new one.

Once that is done, check if the firmware issue on Velop has been resolved. No? Are you still experiencing it? Well, in that case, you ought to walk through the next troubleshooting hack. It might be able to pull you out of this mess.

3. Keep the WiFi Devices Apart

Too much distance between the networking devices can also cause the firmware issue on Velop. The reason being, too much distance between devices can make it next to impossible for them to transmit signals.

And if your device is not receiving enough network signals, it is bound to cause issues. Thus, consider making both your devices cozy. But, ensure that they are not kept too close to each other. That can cause a bad clash of signals.

If that happens, you won’t be able to stop yourself from facing much bigger issues than the firmware issue on Velop. And we are guessing, you don’t want that now, do you?

4. Avoid Signal Interference

Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc are just some random examples of electronic devices and transmitting appliances.

These things might look good sitting around the house, however, they are big-time signal interferers. Therefore, relocate your Linksys Velop device and ensure that it is kept away from all of these devices and appliances.

Along with this, the Linksys Velop should not be kept in corners. That can block the signals of your networking device.

5. Perform Firmware Update Again

Are you done following all of the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks mentioned above? Nodding your head in yes? Well, in that case, you might have gotten rid of the firmware issue on Velop.

What is that? Is that a big no? Well, in that case, you are left with the most basic hack, i.e. updating the firmware of your Linksys Velop device, AGAIN.

Need Our Help?

With the hope of helping you out, we are ending our blog written on how the firmware issue on Velop can be resolved. Although you will be able to make your device up and running now, on the off chance, you are not able; it is recommended that you get in touch with our highly experienced technical experts. Without taking much of your time, they will be able to help you out by pulling you out of this mess.

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