Linksys Bridge Mode – All You Need to Know About

Linksys Bridge Mode – All You Need to Know About

A Linksys router does not operate in Bridge mode by default since this option is deactivated. However, allowing it to function is simple. We recommend reading more about Linksys bridge mode before enabling it, though. Selecting the Linksys bridge mode normally allows you to use two individual routers in tandem.

Before we get further into the topic, you need to be aware that switching to bridge mode turns off the standard Network Access Translation (NAT). However, you'll have access to additional ports for your devices. Let's move on to the next step and get familiar with the fundamental criteria for the procedure of activating Linksys Bridge Mode. Keep reading.

Linksys Bridge Mode Requirements

It is only possible to start using the Linksys bridge mode if you have all of the following components available.

  • You need to have a primary router. The router or modem that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides to its customers frequently serves as the primary router for the home network.
  • Internet connection
  • It is necessary to have between two and three Ethernet cables to connect the routers.
  • In addition, a Linksys router that supports Bridge mode is required.

Now comes the question that has to be answered is why you need to enable the Linksys bridge mode feature? What are your motivations for acting in this manner? Is it going to produce different outcomes? Let's investigate the questions that are addressed in the following points.

Why do I need to set up Linksys Bridge Mode?

In most cases, individuals activate this option for a variety of reasons. A handful of them are given below:

  • Enabling this option allows you to share a network across two separate routers, which is useful when you have more than one router at your disposal. This also eliminates the need for buying an extender and logging into it via Linksys extender login.
  • Making the Linksys router become a wireless hotspot.
  • In addition, activating the Bridge mode on your Linksys router might be of assistance in eliminating the need for third-party devices to operate with your router.

We are now aware of the fundamental needs, as well as the factors that led to the activation of this mode. Let us now examine the proper procedure for enabling it. Keep reading.

The Setup Procedure for Linksys Bridge Mode

Turn on Router

To turn on your Linksys router, select a wall switch that is in working order and use that. Your router's power adapter should be able to slide in and out of the switchboard with ease.

If the device cannot be powered on, confirm that the router's start switch is activated.

Get Access to the Default IP

The second step in the process of activating Linksys Bridge mode is to open a PC or laptop. Open a new tab in your browser and then direct your mouse pointer to the address bar at the top of the page. To input the default IP address, click on the URL bar.

In addition to this, you need to check that the web browser you select is up to date and compatible with the browser you use. These are essential to prevent any more complications.

Execute the Router Login Procedure

It is necessary to have both a username and a password in order to log in to the router. In addition, it is very necessary to enter the login credentials correctly and without making any mistakes. Before you input your login information, check to see that the Caps Lock key is not activated. To complete the login process, press the OK button.

Turn on the Bridge Mode

Proceed further as soon as the Linksys extender setup window becomes available to you. Under the "Setup" option, you will find the "Linksys Bridge Mode" tab. The following choices will become available to you under the Network Setup section once you have them enabled.

  • IPv4 Address of the Internet, Default Subnet Mask, and Getaway Device Name
  • Before moving on, you need to make sure that all of the relevant fields have been filled out.
  • Connect the two routers.
  • Obtain the Ethernet wire that you have available to you. It is designed to facilitate communication between the primary router and the Linksys Bridge mode router so that the primary router may perform its intended purpose.
  • Verify that the cable being used does not have any slack on either end. In such a case, you won't be able to make the most of the Linksys Bridge mode configuration.


As can be seen, activating the Linksys Bridge mode is a simple process. During the process of setting up bridge mode, you need to pay attention to even the smallest details to ensure that the connections are secure. is an independent information provider for various Linksys router and extender related issues. Use of names, trademarks, logos is only for referential purposes. We provide run-time assistance to users who approach us.