Linksys Velop Setup The Ultimate Solution for Patchy WiFi

Linksys Velop Setup – The Ultimate Solution for Patchy WiFi

Due to the increase in heavy bandwidth-demanding applications, the demand for a device offering a stable WiFi connection throughout the house has increased. To cater to the same, Linksys lent a helping hand and introduced its WiFi routers that were capable of transmitting modem signals to longer distances. However, they could do it to some extent only and to compliment them, Linksys bankrolled its range extenders which when connected with routers were able to beat the dead zones. But, it was quite time-consuming as the user needs to install these devices separately. With that said, Linksys did some research and launched its mesh WiFi system called Velop. Walk through this blog focusing on the Linksys Velop setup process and learn everything about this wonderful product of the networking realm.

What is Linksys Velop?

As mentioned earlier, Velop is a mesh WiFi system. It means it has more than one or two nodes that when configured with the internet modem work seamlessly to reshape your internet experience. The node that connects to your modem via the Ethernet connection serves as the “Parent node” and is considered as the “router”. Some users also call it a “Primary node”.

When it comes to other nodes, they share a wireless connection with the “Primary node” and are called “Secondary nodes” or “Child nodes”. Thus, you do not need to do Linksys Velop setup for every node separately by accessing the login page. A connection with the Primary node is the only requirement.

However, you must add the secondary nodes in the Linksys app so that you will be able to manage the entire Velop system easily. Know that the Linksys mobile app not only helps you manage the Velop’s Primary node [router] with the help of the Linksys router login details but also helps you to set up the mesh system. If you want to get familiarized with how the entire process is carried out, check out the next section.

How to Perform Linksys Velop Setup?

Before starting the setup process, ensure to unbox your WiFi mesh system carefully. After that, place the Primary node near the router and the Secondary nodes within the range of the Primary one. Once done, follow the steps given below:

1. Launch the Linksys App and Log in

You need to launch the Linksys mobile app first. In case you have not installed it yet, do the honors by navigating to the app store of your mobile phone as per the OS availability. As soon as the app gets installed, tap on its icon to launch it. Now, tap Set up a New WiFi Network [iOS] or Launch Setup [Android].

The app will ask you to fill in the login info of your Cloud account. If you have one, then well and good. Otherwise, select the Use Router Password option. Enter the required details and tap Log in. You will be able to see the dashboard of the app.

2. Set Up a WiFi Network

The next thing you need to do for Linksys Velop setup is to tap the Whole Home Mesh WiFi (Velop) option. You will be prompted to turn on Bluetooth. Android users might need to allow location access too. Do the same and verify if your node is powered on. After that, follow the wiring steps [for the modem and Primary node connection]. You will be advised to select the appropriate location for your Primary node. So, follow the on-screen prompts and place the node accordingly.

You will now be asked to verify the LED status of your Velop node. FYI, it should be purple. The internet connection will be detected and the screen displaying the “Connected” message will appear. Check the boxes as soon as you’re done with on-screen setup instructions and tap Next.

3. Name the Parent Node and Add Child Nodes

The next screen will ask you whether you have ISP settings to enter or not. If yes, select the option that says so and tap Static IP on the next screen. Enter every detail from your ISP side and tap Next. The internet connection will be detected from your ISP’s end. Tap Next again after filling in the Username and Password [ISP].

After that, you can create your Linksys Cloud account using the Email ID and password. If you already have one, tap Log in here and enter the WiFi name and password on the “Name Your WiFi” screen. Tap Next to give your Primary node a name and to reach the final step of the Linksys Velop setup process. Choose the name according to the node’s location. Else, tap Name it Something Else and give it a personalized name. On the Success! Screen, tap Next. You will see an option named Add a Node. Tap it to add secondary nodes and follow a few prompts. Otherwise, select That’s it for Now.

Your WiFi is Ready

Finally, select Next and go to Dashboard to view the summary of settings. You can do this by tapping the “Go to Dashboard” option on the “Your WiFi is Ready Screen”. However, amidst all this, you will come across a screen labeled “Peace of Mind” that will prompt you to enable auto firmware updates for the Velop system. Doing so will ensure that the latest features will get delivered to your mesh system timely. And with that, we are putting a full stop to our Linksys Velop setup guide. We wish you a wonderful experience with the mesh system.

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