Understanding Linksys Smart WiFi Tools

Understanding Linksys Smart WiFi Tools – How to Access Them

Incorporating a new WiFi device in the house to access a high-speed internet connection has become a common practice these days. After all, they make our life simpler and more exciting. Whether you want to watch your favorite movie on the TV or play an online game, all you need is a Linksys smart WiFi router. The reason being, it is one of the leading networking gadgets in the market. To customize the user experience, it houses Linksys Smart WiFi tools which when accessed allows you to manage your home network from the palm of your hand wherever and whenever. Want to know more about smart WiFi tools by Linksys? Read on!

What are Linksys Smart WiFi Tools?

Smart WiFi tools are free services offered by Linksys that give you complete access to your home wireless network anywhere till the moment you have an internet connection. The Linksys Smart WiFi tools offer more than you expect. They are known to ease off your worry lines even when you’re away from your house.

These smart WiFi features can be accessed with the help of the Linksys mobile application that can be easily downloaded on Android or iOS devices by accessing their respective app stores. Now, let us make you aware of all Linksys Smart WiFi tools.

Linksys Smart WiFi Tools [Key Features]

All of the Linksys Smart WiFi features can be accessed via the Linksys app. It means, first of all, you need to perform Linksys router login by entering the default admin credentials of the router. Once you get logged in to the WiFi router, the dashboard is the first thing you’ll see. Here, you will be able to have a tab on all the vital statistics of your Linksys router WiFi network. These stats reveal who’s online, and the current speed your WiFi router is offering. You also get to know about the threats to your home WiFi network. The dashboard has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to navigate to the desired feature and access it. Given below are the common Linksys smart WiFi tools that can be seen on routers:

I. Device List

The Device List tool allows you to check the number of devices accessing the network of your Linksys WiFi router. It reveals the offline and online devices that generally access your Linksys wireless router. You can view these devices either by Connection Type or Device Type. It means if you’ve done extender Linksys setup to extend your Linksys router range, you will be able to see your extender in the same list. However, this option is displayed as Network Map in the latest routers offered by Linksys.

II. Guest Access

Another feature in the line of Linksys Smart WiFi tools is the Guest Access feature. There’s hardly a person who doesn’t have visitors at home. This is where this feature comes into the picture. It lets the user create a separate WiFi for the guests restricting their access to the main WiFi network and devices accessing it. You can find this feature by tapping Smart WiFi Tools > Guest Access.

III. Parental Control Tool

This tool lets you set a limit for the number of devices that can access your Linksys router during specific hours of the day. Up to 14 devices can be subjected to restriction using this Smart WiFi tool. You can block internet sites and restrict internet access on particular devices. Thus, if you have mischievous kids in your house who love surfing online, this feature is meant for you.

IV. Media Prioritization Tool

Online tasks are not only about surfing the web and playing games. It also includes attending video chats, listening to music, and transferring files. But, there are times when these tasks are being performed simultaneously and hence result in low performance of the router. The Media Prioritization tool lets you choose which task will receive the highest priority. It also has a Settings tab which when accessed reveals various settings like downstream bandwidth and WMM Support.

V. Speed Test/ Speed Check

The Speed Test tool by Linksys Smart WiFi helps you know about the current speed of your internet connection. You can also see the download and upload speeds that your Linksys smart WiFi router is offering currently. Moreover, it measures the ping; the time taken by data to travel from the router to the speed test server, and vice versa.


This Smart WiFi Tools can be accessed after tapping the Router Settings menu. Its main purpose is to let you view and make changes to the settings of your wireless router. Details like network name, password, internet settings, and local network settings can be changed by accessing the Connectivity tool. Due to this reason, it is also known as one of the most versatile Linksys Smart WiFi tools.


The Troubleshooting tool helps you diagnose and rectify the network-related issues with your Linksys Smart WiFi router. It consists of the current status of your WiFi device and all the devices accessing it (wired or wireless).

Apart from the above-mentioned Linksys Smart WiFi tools, the dashboard of the router contains other smart tools like USB/External Storage Management, Wireless, Security, and OpenVPN Server that are known to take the networking experience to a whole new level. In case you want to know how to access them to improve your online experience, do not delay contacting our experts.

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